# Welcome to the Your Everyday Nerd Database hi i'm zach and this is my public database. i hope to use this space to catalog my thoughts on media and share projects that are currently in progress. here you can browse the media entries for each of the main categories: - [[All Movies]] - All TV Shows - All Video Games - All Music - All YouTube Videos feel free to click around or use the Search function to find specific entries. entries are also organized in folders on the left side panel. check out my favorites here: [[Zach's Favorites]] # More Info on Media Entries Example entry: [[A Goofy Movie (1995-04-07)]] Each media entry includes the following: - **General Info:** - name - runtime/how kong to beat - genre - parental advisory rating - release date - the cover/poster - a brief synopsis - directed & written by - **A Consumer Guide**: - the trailer - streaming service(s) and platforms - a website to identify trigger warnings for safe/family friendly viewing - links to rent or purchase (some links are affiliate links) - the blu-ray.com website - my personal media log - some entries include a deeper look at the physical packaging - **A Media Analysis Section:** - related media, - notable cast & crew, - soundtracks & scores - my personal notes - my personal review - **Assets & Resources:** - screenshot databases - links to wikis and major databases - Scripts - oscar nominations - bonus features/special features info # Zach's Media Log 2024: here you can keep up with my latest media entries: [[Zach's Media Log 2024]] # Zach's Impossible Backlog: here's my impossible backlog: [[Zach's Impossible Backlog]] Feel free to suggest recommendations with this Google Form: https://forms.gle/nyzk82KJFYN2kwm19 # Behind The Scenes/Scrapped Projects Within certain entries, you may also find behind the scenes bits or entirely scrapped projects related to Your Everyday Nerd, my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/youreverydaynerd ## Zach's Library is Your Library Part of media criticism is being able to show relevant examples of the media you're discussing. This database is my way of collecting those examples for future uses. Obviously, most of the media in this database is copyright protected, so any links provided are shared under fair use for educational purposes. For video games, copyright is culturally a bit more loose, so I'll be sharing video game footage over on my second YouTube Channel, Zach's Library: https://www.youtube.com/@ZachsLibrary Feel free to use any of the video game footage in your own content. No credit necessary. # Support the Database If you would like to support the work i do here, please consider checking out the patreon: https://www.patreon.com/YourEverydayNerd *this place is currently a work in progress, but if you have any feedback, feel free to email me at [email protected] thanks!* # Currently working on: - the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise - Disney Animated movies - video game music - 2024 Oscar Best Picture Nominees - The Binding of Isaac: Repentance - Doctor Who